Pink Hippo Challenge

If you’re serious about rehabilitating your life, if you’re serious about cultivating a life where a relationship with God can grow and flourish, if you’re serious about making life changes…join us! Many of us in this group have committed to the “Pink Hippo Challenge”.  Although the “Pink Hippo is an adorable reminder of our need for childlike faith, we are serious and dedicated to walking in Truth with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The Pink Hippo Challenge consists of the following the disciplines for 365 days; yes, you read it correctly 365 Days!

Journaling (Morning and Night) for 365 Days
*  Studying Gods Word (Everyday) for 365 Days
*  Checking In (See Accountability Response)(Everyday) for 365 Days
*  Physical (Do something for your body every day) for 365 Days

Why 365 Days? These disciplines need to become your lifestyle.  You need to give yourself time to undo years of unhealthy habits, expose deep seeded lies, and see the miracle of transformation.  If you think back to all the years you’ve devoted to believing and making decisions based upon lies, 365 days is no time at all!

We have tools to help you achieve your 365 day goal;

Pink Hippo Rehab Journals – These journals are created specifically for this Rehab/Renewal. They have a space for your morning journaling, your evening journaling, and your verse of the day.  It also includes a space to keep track of what day you’re on, and how many days you have left to complete your year.  Follow this link to request your journal.

Pink Hippo Boxes – These are wooden boxes with our Pink Hippo burned and painted on the top. Many of our members use these boxes at work to store paper clips, post-it-notes, pens and pencils.  Each time you open the box, you will be reminded of your journey and pray for strength to reach your goal.  Follow this link to request your box.

Pink Hippo Bible Verses Cards – There are 365 Bible verses on 2”x 3.5” cards, one for each day of your journey. Follow this link to request your Bible verses.

Rehabilitate: To bring back to a former condition after decay or damage.
(That’s us; damaged)
Then after we’ve completed our Rehab (Rehabilitation) we’re ready to stay on track by daily Renewal
Renew:  To make new, fresh or strong again.