Actually putting on the belt of truth!

Today’s challenge – Putting on my belt of truth.

I don’t know about you, but I struggle with boredom and isolation.  My mind constantly needs to be challenged…so much so that I will find the most trivial cause and create a critical event.  I lament to God, of course blaming Him, for the lack of mental challenge.  I sulk in moments of peace, which of course I perceive to be God’s lack of attention to my plight.   It seems that although I’m learning to see through “eyes of Faith” the world around me, I seldom look upon myself through those eyes.  So this was the subject of my morning with my Heavenly Father…seeing myself through “eyes of Faith”.

I see that the boredom and isolation I believe to be my introverted personality is if fact a strategy of satan.  His lie that I am bored and without direction causes me to consistently look for something to “sink my teeth into”.  I tackle every project with reckless abandon listening to the whisper that says “this is what you were created to do”.  With the same consistency, and the added element of emotional exhaustion, I throw my hands up in despair when the work of my hands doesn’t reap the results I saw in my mind.  Then, I sulk and blame God…and so the cycle begins again.

Using the revelation of the last few days, it’s time I fight for control over my mind.  Here’s my prayer…I hope this encourages you to write your own prayer. Remember, the battle is always fought first in our minds!

P (Praise) – Father, thank you for patience and your faithfulness to me.  You knocked on the door of my heart for so many years before I opened the door and allowed you to come in.  Thank you for the many, many years of walking with me, even though we’ve walked the same path over and over again.  Thank you for teaching me, for mentoring me, for forgiving me so many times…more than I can count.  Thank you for sending your Son so that I might have the privileged of coming before you in His name.  Thank you for loving me!

R (Repentance) – Father, please forgive me for listening to the lies of satan.  Forgive me for blaming you for my own failures, forgive me for my demanding nature, forgive me for my sense of entitlement, forgive me for seeking satisfaction from this world instead of from you.

A (Ask) – Father, I ask in the Name of your Son Jesus, that you would impart to the gift of discernment. I ask that you would open my “eyes of Faith”.  Allow me to immediately know when satan is near, allow me to immediately recognize his lies…no matter how they are disguised.  Father, by your Spirit, impart to me your ability to discern between your Truth, the lies of my enemy, my flesh, or the enticements of this world.

Y (Yes) – Father, your Word says “Oh people of Zion, inhabitants in Jerusalem, you will weep no longer.  He will surely be gracious to you at the sound of your cry; when He hears it, He will answer you. (Isaiah 30:19)”  Father, hear the sound of my cry!



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